About 786.lk

786.lk is an innovation founded to promote the industrial sector when it comes to e-commerce. This website caters to customers who individually seek to buy products and also for cooperate clients who wish to experience 786.lk. 786.lk helps our clients quickly find the right materials and equipment with product data saving valuable time and energy.

 Imagine what you could do with the time you spend processing orders. Our e-commerce solution automatically processes and validates online orders, slashing your time spent on admin.786.lk also contributes to sustainability as we have invented a paperless process to cater to our customers. 786.lk also innovated a concept called ‘’ape deyak’’  ‘’ratata deyak’’  where 1% of all profits will be donated to charity empowering Sri Lanka as a Nation. We also intend on promoting Sri Lankan brands and products in an international market. Our value at 786.lk is taking advantage at where all efficiencies are lost when it comes to purchasing industrial products